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CTK & The Black & Tan
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Bernard “BB” Battle
Music Director, Piano & Organ

A career on the keyboards. You’re sure you’ve heard it before, but you’ve never heard anything quite like this. Playing not just the notes, but truly working it. It has to be heard the way it’s supposed to sound. This is only one of Bernard’s fortes. How does he do it? Bernard Battle studied and learned from masters of each of the genres he plays. This includes Soul, Classic Rock, Funk, Reggae, Old School, Blues, Motown,Calypso,R&B and HipHop.

Bernard was originally self-taught, largely influenced by jazz organist Jimmy Smith and groups like Booker T & the MG’s. He started with the trumpet in the 4th grade, which he played for 12 years. This gives him the ability to duplicate horn parts on his keyboard to sound the way horn players would sound performing on their instruments.

He invests his time reproducing sounds from original recordings, programming his synthesizers to recreate horns, strings, organ, acoustic &electric piano voices, in addition to any other instruments/voices which may be required for a particular song. This results in a stronger, more authentic sound. BB only uses top of the line keyboard synthesizers, sound rigs, and all other gear to create the very best sound possible.

BB is a professional through & through who has received an Artist Endorsement from QSC.  His personality & stage presence sets him apart from the rest.
Idris Hester
Master Percussionist

Idris Hester learned at an early age that he could tap into the pulse and heartbeat of the universe and use it to answer life's deepest questions. He fully realized his place in the universe and the rich rhythm that occurred through every living thing. This sense of belonging and purpose helped him through the most difficult moments in his life.

Idris, at age 8 through his college years, performed and entertained as a drummer and percussionist, with marching, concert and jazzbands, orchestras, and churches. He then moved on to performing various styles of music, i.e., Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Blues,Funk, Jazz, Latin bands, and Fusion cross overs.

Hester spent years developing his published guide entitled “Drummunication: A Transformational Experience”(DATE)”. He designed this health and holistic wellness guide to help energize minds, bodies and souls.  He instructs people to heal and care for themselves through percussion and the power of the drum, while keeping in mind that healing has a community base.  Added to his many musical accomplishments, Hester's unique brand of percussion therapy has transformed many lives. A Shamanic angelic practitioner and drum-circle facilitator, one of his major accomplishment is the power to teach a wide diverse group of people from many families, communities, cultures, nationalities,and countries. The outcome has been overwhelming with a positive response.

Some of his influences are, Mongo Santamaria, Eddie (Bongo) Brown,Ralph McDonald, Larry Washington, Poncho Sanchez, Karl Perazzo, Raul Rekow,Alex Acuna, Tito Puente, the Escovedos, Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Art Blakely,Billy Cobham, Stix Hooper, Harvey Mason, Ed Thigpen and Omar Hakim. He also hasa love for Composers/Arrangers such as Quincy Jones, Yanni, Henry Mancini,Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bert Bacharach, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, WC Handy,Undine Smith Moore. All the Jazz greats have had a positive influence on his performing style.

Idris is known as one of the complete, universal, premier master drummers and percussionists.  He has a definite worldly style sound of his own. He spiritually, mentally, physically,and emotionally exudes a natural burst of energy, a flare with coldness of ice and a smoothness of silk. 

His home base is Los Angeles, California.
Robert “Rob Dogg” Huff

Robert “Robb Dogg” Huff began his love of playing music, specifically the drums, at the young age of 10 in Oceanside, CA. His influences include Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and many others. His love of the drums continued into his college years.

A much sought after studio drummer, Robb’s drumming and vocalization make him a double threat.  He has a keen sense of timing and professional stage show manner.  No need fora count off, just give him the word “TIME”, and he’s off!

His experience includes genres such as Rock, R&B, Funk, Classical, Jazz and Pop. He has played in bands throughout San Diego County.
Vicente Washington
Bass Guitar

For thirty plus years has walked, thumped, plucked and slid his way across his bass strings through Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties. His musical journey began in San Francisco and eventually migrated to Southern California where he has participated in musical endeavors that covered genres from 50’s Rock and Roll, R & B, Jazz to Afro- Cuban. He loves live performances to entertain as he has played many of the venues from the Coach House, Pala Casino, B.B Kings Universal City Walk, the Key Club, the Anaheim Grove, Monterey Blues Festival, Doheny Blues Festival and the Playboy Community Concert Series.

His influences are diverse and rich which includes but not limited to such artist as Ray Brown, Marcus Miller, Jaco, Christian McBride, Alain Caron, and Victor Bailey. He has participated in several original CD projects both as performer and producer. In addition, he played and contributed to the soundtrack of an original dance musical “Chelsea’s on Main”.

This Philadelphia native is committed to playing and looking to expand his experience as a bassist and an artist. “CTK & the Black &Tan” has become the next sojourn in his musical journey.
Cliff “Locs NKeyz” Hotten

As a music lover, since an early age, his music and style has been described as being “ever so smooth and effortless as sounds melt together like the colors of a fine painting.” West Coast meets Neo Soul.

A native of San Diego, Cliff was introduced to music by his father, who saw in him a natural talent for playing a number of instruments, especially the piano.

Troy Netters

Troy Netters was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He started playing saxophone at six years old under the instructions of his father, Gerald G. Netters, Sr.  His musical influences came from old jazz artists such as, Charlie (Bird) Parker,Maceo Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and more contemporary artist like Grover Washington, Jr, Walter Beasley, etc.

Troy started pursuing music in the 90s playing on Bourbon Street after serving in the U.S. Navy.  He learned about improvising, phrasing and harmonization, playing sax and singing, during his early stage performances. His experience and strong background in blues led to numerous projects including a vocal single of his own and performing with various bands throughout New Orleans, La and San Diego, Ca. 

Troy is a great singer.  His seasoned sax playing, experience and powerful charisma makes him an asset to any band or project. 
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